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The Marvel and Fortnite Movie Full Theory

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In one of my last posts on the Fortnite Cards Forum I mentioned how I discovered that Donald Mustard or Epic Games planned/Hinted at a collab between a Marvel and Fortnite skin 2 years before it happened. See post here if interested: Fortnite Comic Cover Foreshadowing

After realizing that every cover and every details was carefully planned and not just left up to the artist I decided to dive deep back into the covers to start looking at them in a different way. 


    I started with the Nexus War, the first comic (small inside issue of Fantastic Four #24). I always wondered why they used Doom and the Mech Team Leader on the cover of this comic. At the time neither were important or even remotely related. Even more strangely neither of those characters on the cover were in the Fortnite Comic... It was strange and at the time I thought it was a missed opportunity for the first cover appearance of someone like Jonesey or Brite Bomber. But... Two years later we have the release of the new comic series Zero War where both Dr. Doom and the Mech Team Leader play huge roles! WHAT!? This can't be a coincidence so I started to look into zero war more deeply.

  2. In the Zero War storyline Dr. Doom does a lot of fighting but it almost has nothing to do with the story of this series. He doesn't even help the I.O and after causing all this trouble and stealing unknown weapons he just leaves... Why write a major character into the story if nothing happens with him? It is written as if they were building the plot to another story.  I keep reading and I find another snippet that seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the Zero War story and never gets addressed afterwards... As if it too is talking about a completely other story... See page: 


  3. This last page could easily be mistaken for this storyline because the zero point is always messing with realities but the wording makes it a much bigger deal and clearly says unavoidable which didn't seem to fit in this story that well. I mean yeah Geno was powerful but they beat him really easily tbh.
  4. So what is this character talking about and what is he scared of? Well there is an incredibly famous comic series that came out in 1984 called.. Secret Wars... yes very similar to Zero War. That movie is scheduled to come out in 2026


  5. The main Villain of Secret Wars is basically Dr. Doom who basically becomes like a god. In the story all of the different meta-verses come together, fight, and get destroyed... sound familiar yet? Its basically what the 7 have to deal with everyday of the week but with super heroes and villains. Well that's not the only hints we have...
  6. There are several covers that hint to Secret Wars... the biggest one is not so Secret. Fortnite did a homage cover of the famous Secret Wars Cover:


  7. After watching some reviews of Secret Wars comic I noticed a page that looked crazy familiar... This is from Secret Wars back in 1984.


  8. Well there is cover in Zero War where Jonesy who looks just like this is being saved by Spiderman. Now you could call that a coincidence but why is Jonesey in a suit in this cover.... In the entire comic he in prison clothes except this cover:


I have some other theories but need to learn more about the Secret Wars story before writing about it. This information was enough to make me believe we will see Fortnite in either a movie leading up to Secret Wars or possible a few Fortnite characters will end up in the Secret Wars movie. Now with this information, what are the best character's and collectibles to acquire before the movie releases?