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Panini Fortnite Series 2

Series 2 brought a lot of changes in 2020. Panini lowered the number of base cards to 250 and removed the screen shot cards seen in the 2019 Series 1 set. You will also find new parallels called “Optichrome” throughout the set.

series 2 cover

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Panini Fortnite Timeline

June 2019 Fortnite Series 1 Release
Fortnite Series 1 Release

Second Print Run Release:September 2019 (unconfirmed)

August 2020 Fortnite Reloaded Release
Fortnite Reloaded Release
November 2020 Fortnite Series 2 Release
Fortnite Series 2 Release

First release of Optichrome Holofoils.

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